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do you want to work with us

We’re always interested in finding fresh new talent and original music. If you write killer tracks we’d love to hear from you.

Before you start submitting, here’s some information about how we work:

  • We act as the exclusive publisher of the music appearing in our library. Working on a track-by-track basis with our composers, we promote and distribute all music on an exclusive-basis. Anything you do with your other tracks is your own business; we’re only interested in the specific tracks that we mutually agree to work with.
  • Please note that we do not accept music on a non-exclusive basis. By offering only exclusive tracks, we attract more high-value clients giving your music more opportunities to get licensed by the right people.
  • We collect the standard publisher’s share of performance and broadcast royalties, leaving you with the writer’s share to collect directly from your preferred PRO. Royalty specifics are broken down in detail should we proceed to the next stage.

That’s us, now for you…

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In order to be considered for our library you’ll need to answer “yes” to these questions:

  1. Is your music 100% original and free from any 3rd party rights? We don’t like uncleared samples, sneaky sound-alikes or covers.
  2. Do you own all copyright in both the composition and the master sound recording?
  3. Is your music exclusively available? Meaning, is it not licensed, sold, published or available exclusively or non-exclusively elsewhere. Please note that any agreement you have with your performing rights organization such as APRA, ASCAP or BMI is absolutely fine, you can still work with us.

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, please provide links to five (5) of your best available tracks (via SoundCloud, YouTube or another streaming service - not physical files). If we like your music and think we’re able to place it we’ll be in touch with more details.

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