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Melodie is a subscription music service providing content creators with unlimited access to quality tracks crafted by world-class composers and independent artists.
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Melodie User Guide

If you’ve just joined Melodie, welcome! The Melodie user guide will help get you up and running in no time. Of course if you have any questions please contact us.

Music Search

Welcome to the Melodie user guide! Our music search engine was designed to be simple, flexible, and available to everyone.

We’ve thoroughly and meticulously tagged every track in our catalogue to provide you with the power and flexibility to search in the way that makes most sense to you.

There are two primary ways to search, and you can use any combination of any of these functions simultaneously:

      1. Enter custom, comma-separated keywords into the search bar; and
      2. Use the Genre, Mood, Instrument, Purpose, BPM and Key menus.

For more, check out the Melodie Search Engine demo video.

Alternate Versions (Stems), Keywords & Copyright Information

Every Melodie track is packed full of information and alternate versions. Click the small “down arrow” beside a track title to open into extended track view. Here you’ll find three tabs:

    • VERSIONS (Alternate versions or stems)
    • DETAILS (Creative keywords and track metadata)
    • COPYRIGHT (Copyright information)

For more, check out the Extended Track Listing demo video.

Melodie alternate versions / stems
Melodie metadata, keywords, tags
Melodie copyright info for cue sheets

Downloading Preview MP3s

If you’re a subscriber or team member, click the ‘three dots’ icon beside any track listing to instantly download an mp3 (without needing to enter any production information).

NOTE: If you’re not a subscriber you can still download watermarked mp3 files for preview purposes. Once you’ve registered, simply click the ‘download’ icon beside any track listing to instantly download a watermarked MP3 file. Just remember, if you’re not a subscriber or a team member on a subscriber account these files are not licensed for use. You can subscribe at any time to remove the watermarks

For more, check out the Downloading Tracks demo video.

Licensing Tracks (for Subscribers & Team Members)

Once you become a subscriber or team member on a subscriber account you can begin to license tracks, downloading full resolution WAV and MP3 files. To licence a track, click the ‘download icon’ beside any track listing.

This will open the ‘Generate Licence’ window where you’ll need to enter production details like Production name, Primary production type (main usage), Broadcast (yes or no).

Select ‘Remember details’ for next time if you are downloading multiple tracks for the same production (saves you entering information again and again).

The details you enter here will generate an End User Licence Agreement (EULA), which can be accessed at any time via the Licences page inside your account.

Click “PROCEED TO DOWNLOAD” to continue.

The next screen provides links to download your files as either WAV or MP3.

If you’d like to download the main version as well as all the alternate versions, click the pink “ALL” button.

The “End User Licence Agreement” is a unique licence document outlining the usage of your track(s) in the production specified.

“Copyright Information” simply displays the legal copyright information for each track.

For more information on Licensing tracks, check out the Downloading Tracks demo video (timecode 1:16).

Playlists & Mass Downloads

If you have a Premium or Enterprise level subscription, you can add multiple tracks to a playlist and then mass download the entire playlist as a single compressed zip file.

NOTE: Please be patient with playlist generation and download as some larger playlists may be several GB in size. Give it a few seconds to commence. The time playlists take to download will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

On download, you will be asked to enter production information (just like when licensing a single track). Playlists licensed in this way are stored in your account on the Licences page.

Team Members

If you are the Account Owner or Admin of a Business, Premium or Enterprise level subscription, you can add and remove Team Members via your account. You can also change the access permissions of other Team Members, creating and removing new Admins as required. As an Admin, you will be able to see all downloads across your team on the Licences page. Account Owners and Admins may access the Team Members page when logged in via Account Settings (accessed via the dropdown menu top right of page).

For more, check out the Team Members demo video.

Licences (EULAs)

To view your Licences go to Account Settings (drop down menu top right corner of page). Here you can find a permanent list of your downloaded licences.

You can re-download files at anytime using the DOWNLOAD button.

If you would like to use the same tracks for a new production, simply click CREATE NEW LICENCE to generate a new EULA from the same track or set of tracks.

For more information on the Licenses page, check out the Downloading Tracks demo video (timecode 2:43)

Other Features

To add a track to your favourites list, click the Favourites ‘Star’ icon.

To share a track, simply click the ‘Share’ icon to copy the URL, then paste it into a browser, email or social media platform.

Browser Compatibility

For best performance we recommend using a recent version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you’re using Internet Explorer, upgrade now!

Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s anything missing in this user guide please let us know. You’ll also find answers to many common questions over at our FAQ page. Now over to you, happy browsing!

Platform Walk-Through Videos

These walk-through videos were designed to get you started on the Melodie platform as quickly as possible. Enjoy!

Evan Buist
[email protected]

Supporting an international roster of composers & representing an extensive catalogue of quality, independent production music. Previously an engineer, sound designer and composer with brands like Paramount Pictures, Fox Sports & National Geographic Channels.