Anne Leader

Anne Leader is a musician, composer, producer and engineer with an inherent awareness and respect for the power of music to impact hearts and lives. Starting with classical piano lessons at age 5, she played multiple instruments throughout her youth in school and community bands, and in pit orchestras for musical theatre companies in Canada.

In her twenties and inspired by contemporary artists of the day, Anne turned her focus to rock music and began writing, recording, and performing with groups such as Barney Bentall and Spirit Of The West. Her love for music composition directed her into the world of television where she scored award winning films broadcast by networks such as Global, APTN, CBC, CTV, Knowledge Network, and Slice.

Anne has a passion for musical styles and instruments from all corners of the world, in particular India and the entire Middle East. She freely incorporates them into her compositions and works with these instruments with genuine reverence. "Composing and recording with instruments from all over the world is an endless source of inspiration that gives birth to beautifully rich musical tapestries.”