Daniel Greis

Daniel is an independent composer and producer, whose diverse musical taste trajected him into a large range of musical realms, styles and mediums. As far back as he can remember, Daniel has passionately pursued the world of music. He has been a dedicated drummer & classical trumpet player since the age of 7, an ambitious composer & producer for 13 years. And, an enthusiastic academic in the field of music.

An Alum of Berklee College of Music (Graduate in Film Scoring) he also spent years studying Sound and Music Design at UTS. He was mentored and trained directly by Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg), experiencing the development of many film scoring projects in real-time, including “Terminator – Dark Fate” and “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

Daniel’s musical strengths sit in the realm of composition, production, orchestration, editing, and sound design. Professionally, Daniel is currently working for film composer Dan Romer, writing additional music for the new CW show “Superman & Lois” (2021). Daniel has composed music for a short independent film titled “Print” (2016), contributed additional music for a feature film titled “Mugabe” (2020) and has scored a video game trailer titled “SOS Atlas” (2017). Other works include a self-released progressive house album under the name Thematik, engineering work for the Lo-Fi artist Otis James, and he has composed/produced 2 albums for the progressive cinematic rock band Nova Incepta.

Daniel continues today to expand his overall compositional style and techniques, writing & producing music for artists, bands, collaborations, movies, TV series, video games and more!