Left Handers

David Megarrity and James See make music that’s richly acoustic, built in subtle layers and segments with spaces for story in between. They have collaborated on many projects including Tyrone and Lesley’s 'Optimism' - an album named Ukulele Record of the Year by ukulelehunt.

David has composed soundtracks for screen and stage. His experience as a writer of theatre and film offers an intimate knowledge of how music, image and performance can be powerfully combined. He’s written and released over a dozen recordings in a wide range of genres and currently performs in Warmwaters and ukulele and double bass duo Tyrone and Lesley.

James is a music producer based in Brisbane. Working as an engineer, artist and DJ across many different musical genres and styles, James has had the pleasure of working closely with many artists including Andy Ward and the award-winning Cub Sport.

Being left-handed in a right-handed world means that creativity and adaptability are not second, but first nature. Left-handers grasp the world differently - playful, poignant, punchy – listen to what comes out of left field.