Mike Caen

Discover the incredible musical journey of Mike, a talented guitarist hailing from the vibrant city of Auckland, New Zealand. With his undeniable skills, he became an integral part of the sensational award-winning band 'Streettalk,' which clinched the prestigious NZ ARIA Album of the Year.

Driven by his passion for music, Mike embarked on a new chapter in Sydney, Australia. There, he immersed himself in a captivating musical landscape, collaborating with renowned acts such as 'Dragon,' 'Jenny Morris,' and 'Mental As Anything.' His undeniable talent and dedication propelled him to new heights.

After signing as a songwriter with EMI, he was recruited by Neil Sutherland to write and record score for series such as 'Mythbusters' , 'Better Homes And Gardens' and 'Getaway', where he honed his production skills. He has also played acoustic and electric guitars on hundreds of advertising sessions. Thus beginning his foray into the world of Production Music.

Mike works from his studio in Darlinghurst and continues to play as a solo artist and with various bands around Sydney.