Scott Mason

Scott Mason is an extraordinarily talented, musical virtuoso and composer based in Dunedin, New Zealand. With an impressive three decades of touring and recording experience across the nation, Scott has graced the stage alongside legendary icons such as 'Shihad', 'Salmonella Dub', 'Neil & Tim Finn', 'HLAH', 'Tool', 'Korn', 'Live', and many more.

Immersing himself in the world of composition, Scott has established himself as a revered artist, captivating audiences with his remarkable soundscapes. Notably, his evocative compositions have found a home in internationally acclaimed series like 'Orangutan Jungle School' and 'Celebrity Treasure Island', leaving a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.

Scott's brilliance extends to the realm of advertising, where his visionary compositions have elevated the brand experiences of esteemed clients such as Vodafone, Farmers Department Stores, Pink Batts, Energy Online, and many others. With each captivating note, he crafts an immersive sonic journey, seamlessly blending artistry and commercial appeal.