Steeve Body

Steeve is a screen composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, record producer and engineer originally from the French Island, La Reunion.

Steeve has owned and operated studios, engineered world renowned artists such as De La Soul, Yothu Yindi and Seal, composed music for major brand TV campaigns including Pandora, Tourism NSW, Yalumba, Holden and HTC. He has also scored several films and mixed countless amounts of content for TV and cinema.

Steeve’s formative years were focused on classical music before transitioning, as a teenager, to the inevitable appeal of rock, alternative, pop & funk. Playing the piano, guitar, bass and drums, Steeve’s passion for music grew deeper as he started developing a keen interest in traditional music from La Reunion and folk music from around the world.

Writing music to picture has proven to be Steeve's most fulfilling experience as a musician as it has allowed him to combine his love for instrumental music, film and technology together in one.