How much does a licence cost?

Pricing ranges from $49.00 - $499.00 for a single licence. Blanket licences are also available - POA.

Visit the Pricing page for information regarding pricing and licence inclusions.

Can I download MP3 previews prior to purchase?
Yes, once you’re registered and logged in, you can download low-resolution MP3 previews to test our tracks in your project. Blanket licence customers have instant access to full resolution WAV files.
What are the file download options?
Every track is available in both high-resolution broadcast WAV and MP3.
Do you provide ‘stems’?

We provide a range of highly useful (and premixed) underscores, cutdowns and alternate versions, i.e. solo piano, drums and bass, no strings, no percussion, solo percussion etc. However, we do not provide separate stems for each instrument. If the track contains vocals, we will always provide an instrumental version.

Every licensed track includes access to all available alternate versions in both WAV and MP3 formats.

Check the "Versions" tab when browsing music to see which alternate versions are available.

Can I use the same track in multiple productions?

Yes, but you will either need to either purchase a licence for each of your productions, or ensure that you are covered by an appropriate blanket licence.

Each script, key number, episode, cutdown, audio or visual change is considered a separate execution.

What are the licensing options?

You may license tracks individually, or via one of four unlimited blanket licences: Single Production, Single Campaign, Single Brand or our most popular, the unlimited Annual Blanket Licence.

All tracks are pre-cleared for worldwide use in perpetuity (forever).

Pay only for what you need via one or more of the following five licensing categories: Starter, Digital Production, All Media Production, Digital Advertising and All Media Advertising.

Note: All Media Production includes all items in the Digital Production category, and similarly All Media Advertising includes all items in the Digital Advertising category (select Digital or All Media).

Visit the Pricing page for more information.

How do I purchase a Blanket Licence?

We offer unlimited Single Production, Single Campaign, Single Brand and Annual Blanket Licences. These blanket licences may include as many or as few of our licence categories as you require. Every blanket licence covers unlimited synchronisation in a 12-month period.

Please email us with your requirements and we will provide you with a fully customised solution.

How do Campaign Discounts work?

Campaign Discounts are automatically calculated during checkout based on the number of executions selected.

There are two types of executions, First Executions and Re-executions.

First Executions relate to new productions or campaigns only. The maximum discount you may receive for a set of First Executions (in a single campaign/production) is 30%.

Re-Executions are for revisiting pre-existing productions or campaigns featuring previously used Melodie tracks (cutdowns, re-edits, re-voicing, end-tag changes). You will receive a straight 50% discount for all Re-Executions.

How many ‘productions’ can I have per checkout cart?

Each checkout cart may only relate to a single production in order to create one Invoice & Licence Summary per project.

If you have multiple projects, please repeat the checkout process for each new project/production. If you have many, it might be worth contacting us to discuss a Blanket License.

Who can ‘synchronise’ the music?
You, your company or your client may synchronise the track (that is, attach it to a production). Note that the track may only be synchronised in the production stated on your Invoice & Licence Summary.
Are there restrictions on how I can use my licensed music tracks?

You, your company and your client are permitted to use the music only in the production specified on your Invoice & Licence Summary.

Tracks can be edited to time, mixed with other audio elements and converted into different formats. However, you can’t sell or use a music track as a standalone item (i.e. it must be embedded in some kind of ‘production’). You may not promote the music as your own.

Please find more information about licensing and copyright: Pricing and Terms of Use.

When will I receive my downloads and invoice?

Immediately after payment, you will be redirected to a ‘Success’ page containing links to full resolution WAV and MP3 download(s) as well as your Invoice & Licence Summary.

You will also receive an email containing links to your music download(s) and Invoice & Licence Summary. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk folder.

Can I re-download music files and invoices after purchase?

Yes, WAV/MP3 downloads and Invoice & Licence Summary documents are available to download at anytime from inside your user account under My Purchases.

If you have a new production featuring a previously licensed track, you will need to repeat the checkout process and purchase a new licence.

Do I need to register the usage of my tracks?

Because we work with professional composers, we ask you to register the use of your Melodie tracks with us or with your local PRO. We do this to ensure that our composers receive any performance, communication and/or broadcast royalties payable by their Performing Rights Organisation (PRO).

Don’t worry, this is not an extra cost to you personally. These royalties are generally collected as part of an annual usage agreement between broadcasters, cafés, theatres, etc and local PROs.

Please contact your local PRO or use this this form.

Do you have Playlists & Favourites?

Playlists and Favourites are available for all registered users.

Add a track to your Favourites list by clicking the small ‘heart’ icon beside each track. Remove a track from your Favourites list by clicking the ‘heart’ icon once again.

To create a Playlist, click the small ‘playlist’ icon beside each track. From there you can create a new Playlist, or add your selection to an existing Playlist.

When logged in, find your lists of Favourites and Playlists in the top right corner of the page using the same icons.

You can drag and drop files to rearrange the order of tracks inside a Playlist. Playlists can be shared publicly.

Blanket customers (only) have access to mass download buttons at the top of each Playlist. From here you can download the entire playlist as WAV, MP3 or just the Copyright Info. Each mass download button will show as “Generating” until it’s ready to download.

What does ‘Non-Exclusive’ mean?

When you non-exclusively license a piece of music, it means you’re not the only one with the rights to use that track - you’re simply given the right to use it alongside other parties.

We non-exclusively license music for you to safely use in your productions - worldwide, and in perpetuity. This means you have the right to use it in the specific production stated on your Invoice & Licence Summary, even though you don’t officially own it.

For more information about copyright, please see our Terms of Use.

YouTube thinks the music I licensed belongs to a third party. What should I do?

Don’t worry, your music is not in breach of copyright. All of our tracks are original and have been carefully cleared. This YouTube copyright feature is automated (scanning for recurring audio "fingerprints" using music recognition technology, or "MRT").

The best action to take is to counter the claim with your Melodie Invoice & Licence Summary (found in the My Purchases section of your account). You can read more about this here.

Of course, you can always email us.

Can I return a music licence?
Once you’ve purchased a licence we generally cannot reverse the transaction or refund the purchase amount. Please be sure to check your selection before making any purchases. If you’ve made a real error during checkout, please contact us and we’ll do our best to rectify the problem.
Is it safe to enter my credit card details into your website?
Absolutely. All payments are processed securely via Stripe. We don’t store any of your credit card details on our website.
Which credit cards do you accept?
Our payment processing gateway, Stripe, accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB.