Do you have preview copies or layouts to test in my project before purchase?
Yes, once you are registered and logged in, you can download low-resolution mp3 preview copies of all tracks.
What are the music file download options?
We offer every track in broadcast WAV and MP3. Depending on your application, you might prefer full resolution broadcast files or smaller MP3 files for online projects.
Do I receive multiple versions of each licensed track?
Each licensed track includes access to all available cutdowns, underscores, stems and other versions in both WAV and MP3 formats. Some have only the main track while others have many related versions. Check the "Versions" tab when browsing music to see if there are additional versions supplied. Your licensed track and associated versions may be downloaded anytime from inside your account.
Can I use the same track in multiple projects?
Yes, but you will need to purchase a licence for each of your projects/productions.
Who can use the music track?
You, your company and your client - but only in the production stated on your licence.
How are the tracks licensed?

You can license track-by-track, unlimited tracks per production or via an annual blanket licence. All of our music is pre-cleared for worldwide use and in perpetuity (forever).

We offer five distinct licence categories from which you can choose one or more, from online, to television & radio advertising, programs, gaming, film, CDs, DVDs and much more, we have you covered no matter what your project. Visit the Licensing page for more information.

Are there restrictions on how I use the licensed music tracks?

You and your clients are permitted to use the music only in the projects or productions specified on your licence. If you’d like to use the same track in a new production, you’ll need to purchase a new licence.

Tracks can be cut to time, mixed with other audio elements and converted into different formats. However, you can’t sell or use a music track as a standalone item (i.e. it must be embedded in some kind of production), and you may not promote the music as your own.

There is more information about copyright and other usage rights in our Terms of Use.

When do I receive my music and usage licence?

Right away! If you’ve successfully purchased a licence you will have received an email containing a link to your full resolution music download(s), licence and invoice. If you did not receive this email, check your "junk" or "spam" folder just in case it misfired.

You can also access your downloads, licences and invoices from within your account via My Purchases.

Can I re-download music files, invoices and licences after purchase?
Yes, downloads, invoices, and licence documents are available for download in your user account under the My Purchases section.
Do I need to register the usage of my tracks?

Because we work with real-life, professional composers, we ask you to register the usage of your Melodie tracks so that we can ensure that our composers are paid any royalties payable from their Performing Rights Organisation (PRO).

Don’t worry, this is not an extra cost to you. These royalties are generally collected as part of an annual usage agreement from broadcasters, cafes, theatres etc before being dispersed via a network of performing rights organisations around the world.

Registering the usage of your tracks ensures that any royalties that may be due to composers and copyright owners are not left unclaimed.

YouTube thinks the music I licensed belongs to a third party. What should I do?

Don’t panic, your music is not in breach of copyright. All of our tracks are original and have been carefully cleared. This YouTube copyright feature is automated (scanning for recurring audio "fingerprints" using music recognition technology, or "MRT").

The best action to take is to counter the claim with your Melodie licence (found in the My Purchases section of your account). You can read more about this here: Of course, you can always email us.

How do I purchase a blanket licence?
We offer both unlimited single production and annual blanket licences. These blanket licences can include as many or as few of our licence categories as are required. Email uswith your requirements and we will contact you with the best solution.
Do I own the copyright in my music downloads?

Short answer, no. Licensing a track doesn’t mean that you own the copyright; you’re just given the right to use it. We non-exclusively licensemusic for you to safely use in your productions, worldwide, and in perpetuity (which means you can use it forever in your production, even though you don’t officially own it).

For more information about copyright, please see our Terms of Use.

Can I return a music licence?
Once you’ve purchased a licence we cannot reverse the transaction or refund the purchase amount. Please be sure to check your selection before making any purchases.
Is it safe to enter my credit card details into your website?
Absolutey. All payments are processed securely via Stripe. We don’t actually store any of your credit card details on our website, it’s all done securely via Stripe so you can rest easy!
Which credit cards do you accept?
Our payment processing gateway, Stripe, accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB.