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What does my licence cover?
All Melodie tracks are pre-cleared for worldwide use, in perpetuity (forever). Tracks licensed under SINGLE and BUSINESS plans are safe for all platforms excluding broadcast television, VOD, radio and cinema. Broadcast rights require an ENTERPRISE licence. Full information on licensing inclusions can be found on the Pricing page, or check out the Subscription Agreement.
Can I use Melodie tracks in client productions?
This is permitted for every subscription type except the SINGLE tier, which is restricted to your personal productions only. BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE subscriptions allow you to place Melodie tracks in your client productions too.
Is your music royalty-free?
This term is often misrepresented - the real question is, “are there any extra fees or hidden costs you’re not telling me about?” The answer is no, you’ll never pay another cent above the cost of your subscription. Composers and rights holders earn royalties from the broadcast and performance of music. However, these fees are typically paid by broadcasters (like TV channels and streaming services) not your back pocket - so you’re all clear.
Can I use a previously downloaded track in a new production?
Only if you have an active subscription. Every time you download a new track, you’ll receive a ‘EULA’ usage licence allowing you to use that track or those tracks in a particular production. If you’d like to use the same track(s) in several episodes or a series, enter the series name as your production title, and ensure that your subscription is active for the entire synchronisation period (the period when placing Melodie tracks into new episodes). Every script, key number, episode, cutdown, audio or visual change is considered a separate production and requires an active subscription to physically place or ‘synchronise’ those tracks into your content.
Can I reuse a previously downloaded track without an active subscription?
Every track downloaded during an active subscription period is safe to use only in productions created during an active subscription period. If you no longer have or no longer fall under an active subscription, you cannot legally use our music in any new productions until you renew your subscription and download the track(s) again, entering the new production information.
What does "Non-Exclusive" mean?
When you non-exclusively license a piece of music, it means you’re not the only one with the rights to use that track - you’re simply given the right to use it alongside others. We non-exclusively license music for you to safely use in your productions. This means, even though you don’t own the music, you have the right to use downloaded tracks in the productions specified on your licences (these are available in your Account under “Licences”). For more information about copyright, please see our Terms of Use, Subscription Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Can I download MP3 previews before I subscribe?
Yes, once you’ve created an account, you can instantly download low-resolution, watermarked MP3 files to preview in your project or DAW. You are not licensed to use these tracks other than for preview purposes. To license tracks, you’ll need a subscription.
How many tracks can I download?
As many as you like. Our subscriptions all provide unlimited licences & downloads.
Is new music added regularly?
We add great new music at least every week, we also have a newsletter to keep you updated on new releases, new playlists, featured artists and more.
What are the file download options?
Tracks are available in both high-resolution broadcast WAV (48kHz/24bit) and more compact, “digital-friendly” MP3 (320kbits, 48kHz/32bit). Watermarked MP3 files are provided for preview purposes only. A subscription must be purchased before use.
Do you provide “stems” or “alternate versions”?
Absolutely. We typically offer a range of alternate versions for each track such as instrumentals, underscores, cutdowns, solo instruments, loops and more. These are always different based on the specific requirements of each track. Check the "Versions" tab when browsing music to see which alternate versions are available.
How much does a subscription cost?
We offer several subscription types, starting at SINGLE all the way to ENTERPRISE level. Subscriptions start at only $15/month paid annually. All subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually. Check out our Pricing page for more info.
Do you offer refunds?
You can cancel whenever you like before your subscription renews and you will not be charged again. However, we won’t issue a refund if you forget to cancel your subscription, and we don’t give refunds on a pro rata basis. If you have a special reason to cancel, feel free to contact us and we’ll review your request.

Can I pay with PayPal or an offline payment method?
Sorry we only accept credit cards.
Do I need to fill out a Cue Sheet?
If you use our music in a television or radio production you must submit a cue sheet to your local Performing Rights Organisation (PRO). These cue sheets help to ensure that our composers receive any performance, communication and broadcast royalties payable by their PROs. There is no cost to you here, it just ensures that any royalties payable end up with the correct rights holders. For long form and series productions please contact your local PRO. For jingles and advertising please use this form.
Are there restrictions on how I use the tracks?
Tracks can be edited to time, mixed with other audio elements, converted into different formats, rendered, remastered etc. However, you can’t sell or use a track as a standalone item (i.e. it must be embedded in some kind of ‘production’ - like a video, radio, podcast). Also, you can’t promote the music as your own. Please find more information about licensing and copyright here: Terms of Use, Subscription Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Are there restrictions on illegal use?
You cannot use our music with defamatory, fraudulent or illegal content.
Do I need to attribute a credit?
Great if you can, but we understand that it’s not always possible. Ideally you’d attribute both the composer and “Music courtesy of Melodie Music (”.
Do you have Playlists & Favourites?
Playlists and Favourites are available to all registered users. ENTERPRISE customers additionally have access to mass download buttons at the top of each Playlist. From here you can download the entire playlist as WAV, MP3 or just the Copyright Info as a .csv file.
Are your tracks safe for YouTube & “Content ID”?
Yes, our music is 100% copyright safe for all platforms. Melodie’s exclusive catalogue is controlled by Melodie alone, which means no third parties will ever try to monetise or restrict content featuring our music. Whether that content is destined for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, live-streaming, podcasts, broadcast or anything else, you’re 100% protected from third party monetisation attempts, copyright notices and takedowns - including Content ID.
Do you have an affiliate program?
We sure do and we’d love to welcome you. You can sign up here.
Do you have an API?
Yes, we provide unlimited, copyright safe music for all kinds of creative platforms. More information here.