Melodie was founded by a family of composers, musicians and sound designers - all with a deep understanding of the essential role music plays in storytelling.

Our plan was to create a simple, intuitive music licensing platform that both delighted the world’s content creators whilst supporting those creating the music.

We took a complex, restrictive music licensing model and made it simple. Providing content creators with easy access to great music, and increased opportunities and revenue for artists.

Our purpose is to connect and inspire Melodie artists, content creators and employees - growing a benevolent, diverse and sustainable business.

Meet our artists

Our Values

We live by a set of simple core values

Passion brings out our best and inspires others. We love what we do and we do it well. This means constantly pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to do things better.


Curiosity is the mother of invention. We embrace the strange, the imperfect and the sometimes weird. We encourage openness and ideas sharing, allowing creativity to thrive.


We look after each other. Our team, artists, customers, the local barista, the cleaner. We believe kindness, inclusion and diversity leads to a healthier workplace (and world).